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Welcome to Glow Up Lady!

I’m delighted to have you here. My name is Emina, blog’s founder of this blog dedicated to natural skincare. I want to share more about myself and how I fell in love with natural cosmetics. I’ve always been interested in caring for my skin without harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about the benefits of natural skincare.

How it all began?

My childhood was filled with curiosity and exploring the world of plants. During summers, I would visit the countryside, spending time outdoors in the surrounding meadows, and the nearby forest became my magical garden of adventures. Even then, I felt plants had a language only a gentle heart could hear.

As I grew older, I started experiencing skin issues of my own. I experienced the frustrations of dealing with redness, tightness, and sensitivity whenever I tried new creams or products. This journey of self-discovery and healing led me to become a skincare formulator, aromatherapist, and practitioner of Bach Flower Remedies. My struggles with skin issues ignited a strong desire to find adequate natural solutions and take a holistic approach to addressing them.

Over time, I realized that many traditional skincare products contain harsh chemicals and synthetic additives that exacerbate skin problems. This realization motivated me to dive into natural skincare, exploring nature’s wonders. Throughout my journey, I have discovered the importance of selecting gentle and non-irritating products. I have also come to appreciate the remarkable benefits of natural ingredients for hydration, soothing, and rejuvenation.

I began creating my creams, lotions, and face masks using natural ingredients – and my skin was grateful. The process fascinated me – mixing oils, adding important aromatic notes, and creating magic that nourished and radiated my skin. Whenever I made something new, I felt like an alchemist creating wonders.

I have always had an artistic soul. Drawing and painting are my passions. I love exploring the shapes and colors of nature and transferring them onto paper or canvas. Plants often inspire me, and I used to spend hours drawing the intricate details of leaves, flowers, and trees. In this way, I combine my love for art and nature.

As a true hedonist, I enjoy dancing, especially tango. The rhythm of movement fills me with joy. Additionally, my wonderful cat, Megi, enriches my life. Her gentleness and playfulness inspire me daily and remind me of the importance of attention and love.

Scents hold a special place in my heart. Lavender relaxes me and brings peace, while vanilla and cinnamon mix sweetness and warmth in the air. The scent of the sea introduces me to a world of freedom and vastness, while the smell of freshly cut grass reminds me of carefree simplicity. The fragrance of linden trees in my street reminds me of my roots and the connection to where I grew up.

I love what I do! This passion for natural cosmetics and the desire to help people solve their skin problems have led me to create this blog. At Glow Up Lady, you will find the latest information, tips, and recommendations for skincare using natural products. Everyone deserves healthy and radiant skin, and I will support you. Through research and experience, I want to share knowledge about beneficial ingredients, practical techniques, and proper skincare routines. Every article will be carefully prepared, providing reliable information and expert opinions.

In addition, I want Glow Up Lady to be more than just a blog. I want this place to be a community of natural skincare enthusiasts where we can share knowledge, experiences, and support. You can connect with other readers through interactive discussions, comments, and social media, ask questions, and exchange advice. In this way, we can build a community that supports natural skincare.

Besides providing skincare information, I want Glow Up Lady to be where you can find inspiration and discover joy in maintaining health and beauty. I will share my knowledge about healthy nutrition, exercise, and the importance of emotional balance on overall well-being, including skin health. I will also take you on a journey through the scents and colors of the world around us, highlighting the beauty of nature and its impact on our well-being.

Thank you for being here and participating in the Glow Up Lady journey. I am excited that we will explore the world of natural skincare together, find joy in the little things, and discover solutions that bring you confidence, radiance, and inner satisfaction.

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